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Beautiful vintage girdles and panty briefs for every occassion!

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Vintage French Panty Brief with Garters





Vintage French Panty Brief

Vintage French Panty Girdle: What a great little piece this item is! The entire body has a huge amount of stretch to it giving a light to medium control all over! The whole of the garment is navy blue with red top-stitching outlining the waist and legs. This particular girdle has 4 ribbon covered, metal/rubber garter clips. Fabric is a polyamide mix and when stretched, it appears to have a slight ribbed effect with red coming through between the blue ribs. This is difficult to describe, but gives a great effect.
This is a great garment for daily wear. We have only one of this item with garters, so don't delay, this baby won't last here for long! (and doesn't Scarlette wear it well!)
Size: 3
Unstretched top edge is 17" & stretched to approx 32"

Identical garment as above with the exception that there are no garter clips!
Please click here for view of the garment.
These are still fabulous garments and give great light/medium support.

Size: 3
Unstretched top edge is 17" & stretched to approx 32"
Size: 2
Unstretched top edge is 16" & stretched to approx 30"

Vintage French Panty Brief with Garters
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french satin panel open bottom girdle

French Made Satin Panel Open Bottom Girdle: What a fabulous French made open bottom girdle!! The body is a medium-weight, medium control, powernetting giving you figure flattering control with a lot of comfort. There are 1/2 length bones on each side and 2 full length bones on the back. The bones/seams are covered with the same satin-like fabric as the center front panel. Center front has a lovely satin-like panel which has faux fur backed, 11 hook/eye closure at left and has 2 small bones. There are 4 fixed, ribboned, metal garter clips. Suspenders are non-adjustable elastic which has a ruffled edge...too cute! This beautiful girdle is new, unworn, and in excellent condition.
Colors / Sizes Available:
   Midnight Blue:  90,  Unstretched measurements: waist 22", hips 28"
french satin panel open bottom girdle
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St. Michael Open Bottom Girdle: A great open bottom girdle with a front panel of non-stretch, nylon that has a nice sheen and has an overlay of floral lace. The rest of the body is quite sturdy powernetting with double panels at all the 'problem' areas where we all need a little extra support! This girdle has 6 fixed, rubber/metal garter clips. Labeled: St. Michael; Nylon & Lycra; Made in Britain; To Fit Waist 31/32", Hips 42/44"; 8004/1102X; 10.1. This girdle is in excellent condition and looks brand new but could have been gently worn. (There is one very small line at the top edge, left side on picture, which should come out with a wash and does not effect wearability whatsoever)
Size / Color: 31/32   White
Unstretched top edge measures 28", stretched 32"
Unstretched bottom edge measures 32", stretched 38"

St. Michael  Open Bottom Girdle

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With box
perma-lift panty girdle

Without Box
perma-lift panty girdle

Perma-Lift Magic Oval Pantie Girdle: "Can't ride up ever...each leg moves independently" read the tag from this vintage beauty. The "Magic Oval" is referring to the oval tricot crotch panel providing you with extreme comfort. This girdle has satin panels both front and rear. The body is constructed of a medium weight, figure enhancing powernetting. This Perma-Lift girdle is high-waisted with 1 1/2" band of elastic at waist. Legs are approximately 6" long 4 removable metal/rubber garterclips. The leg bottom edges have 7/8" picot trimmed elastic. Style 3836, Made in the USA, Front & Back Panels: 72% Acetate, 19% Cotton, 9% Rubber; Side Panels: 79% Rayon, 17% Rubber, 4% Cotton. This garment is new, unworn and in excellent condition. It can be purchased with or without the original box. The box is in good condition (2 torn corners)
Size: 28   Unstretched: Waist 24-25"    

perma-lift panty girdle
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Feminine and Lacy Warners  Long Leg Pantie Girdle

item w/o box
Feminine and Lacy Warners  Long Leg Pantie Girdle - without box

FEMININE AND LACY! Vintage Long Leg Pantie Girdle: Vintage Warner's pull-on long leg pantie girdle in fabulous stretch lace. Color is called "Bare Beige" making it VERY sexy on!! Center front is adorned with a satin bow. Entire garment is the stretchy lace with a nylon panty panel. Tucked up in the legs are 4 removable metal/rubber garter clips are beige also. 82% Nylon and 15% Lycra Spandex, 3% Other fibers. Made in USA, Style #565. Comes with original box and original tissue. We have 2 available: 1 box is in fair condition and the other is in good condition.
Small - Unstretched waist measures 20"

Feminine and Lacy Warners  Long Leg Pantie Girdle
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With Box
permalift satin panel open girdle

Without Box
permalift satin panel open girdle

Vintage Perma-Lift Satin Open Bottom Girdle: Very special satin panel with a ribbon-look cut out on the center front!! This Perma-Lift open bottom girdle gives you curve hugging control with it's powernetting body and satin panels front and back.. The bottom edge is decorated with scalloped trim. 4 fixed metal/rubber garterclips. Closes left front with 3 hook/eyes covered with a ribboned zipper. Made in USA, Rayon - Cotton, #3715, White. This garment is brand new, in excellent condition and you can purchase it in the original box or without the box...your choice!.
Sizes: 28, unstretched waist measures 26", Fits Hip: 37-40 ("packed by" slip)
           27, unstretched waist measures 25", Fits Hips: 36-39
permalift satin panel open girdle
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"The Young Thing" by Warner's Open Bottom Girdle: This fabulous vintage girdle provides shaping and comfort! An open bottom girdle with wonderfully sensuous nylon lace panel at the front front, powernetting double layered back panel and soft, shape enhancing side panels. The waist and the bottom edge has½" elastic both are edged with picot trim. The remainder of the body is powernetting with 6 fixed, suspender straps and garter clips. Labeled: Panel: All Nylon; Elastic: Nylon, Lycra Spandex, Acetate, Cotton. Style 269; Small. This beauty still has the original tags attached, is new, unworn and in excellent condition
Size: Small     Unstretched waist measures: 18"
Warner's vintage girdle with 6 garters and lace panel
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treo "fashion front" long leg pantie girdle

Vintage Treo Hi-Waist, Long-leg Pantie Girdle: This is Treo at its finest. High waisted with satin panels front and back make it irresistible. The "Fashioned Front" center front panel has a sunburst appearance to it. The panels, both front and rear, go to the bottom edge of the legs. The body is medium weight powernetting elastic that provides a comfortable, firm control. 3 hook/eye clasps backed with faux fur and covered with a ribboned zipper provide ease of dressing. 4 removable, metal/rubber garterclips, style # 101. New and unworn, excellent condition.
Sizes: 26,   Unstretched top edge measures approximately 24 "
treo "fashion front" long leg pantie girdle
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Figure Builder Open Bottom Girdle

Vintage FIGURE BUILDER Open Bottom Girdle: This girdle is great for medium control. It is constructed of powernetting with double panels in all the trouble spots! This great garment has a diamond shaped satin-like front panel outlined with scalloped stitching and it also has a satin-like rear panel - all providing great support. Top, center front is trimmed with a bow and there are 4 fixed metal rubber garters. Fabric contents: Power Net: Nylon 79% , Spandex 21%; Satin Elastic: Acetate 77%, Cotton 16%, Rubber 7%. Union Label. Garment is in excellent condition with no rips, tears or discoloration. New - unworn.
Color/Sizes Available:
Black / Small (25-26)
(top edged unstretched measures 20"; bottom edged unstretched measures 27")
Figure Builder - Open Bottom Girdle
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French open bottom girdle

French Baleinage Minerve Open Bottom Girdle: Say bonjour to this French beauty! Center front has a lovely satin panel which has the hook/eye closure at left and has 2 metal bones. The body is a medium-weight, firm control, powernetting giving you figure flattering control. There are 4 ribboned, metal/rubber, squared garter clips which are adjustable utilizing buttons and buttonholes on the suspender! Great idea! These beautiful girdles are new, unworn, and in excellent condition.
Color / Size Available:
White: 85, Unstretched measurements: waist 21", hips 27"
(Only One Available)

French open bottom girdle
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french lace-up girdle

French Lace-up Open Bottom Girdle: Fabulous blue French made Baleinage Minerve lace up girdle/corset. Shiny satin-like fabric makes up the center front panel, side strips and at the lacing edges. Laces center back with 15 eyelets. Once laced comfortably (or to your liking) you can get in and out easily with the 12 faux fur backed, hook/eyes on the left side of the center-front panel. There are 4 ribbon-covered, square garterclips on 1" adjustable suspenders. This garment has 4 metal bones, 2 on the center front panel and 2 alongside the lacing eyelets. The remainder of the body is a heavyweight stretch fabric and will give you great figure-flattering control. *Garments have never been laced. Garments are marked with sizes however we did our own measurements to ensure proper sizing. All measurements were taken with the girdle opened, laid flat and unstretched. All garments are new, unworn and in excellent vintage condition. You may find the odd bit of slight rust on a suspender adjuster but garterclips are not rusted.
Size Available:     Waist: 25 ½
   Hip: 33

french lace-up girdle
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Lacies by Simone Open Bottom Girdle

Vintage "Lacies" by Simone Open Bottom Girdle: A fabulous open bottom girdle with the entire body of a two-way-stretch lace. Center front has a tummy panel backed with non-stretch fabric giving you that extra bit of control. Top and bottom edges are trimmed with picot trimming. This beauty has 4 metal garter clips - the 2 clips on the front are ribbon covered. This garment is new-old-stock that still has the tag attached! Inside it bears the ILGWU label. Fabric: Nylon/ Acetate/ Lycra Spandex. Style number 4608. New, unworn, mint condition.
Size: Large
         Unstretched top edge 24"
         Unstretched bottom edge 29"         
         Length: Center Front: 11";   Center Back 13"

Lacies by Simone Open Bottom Girdle
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With Box
satin panel pantie girdle by perma-lift

Without Box
satin panel pantie girdle by perma-lift

Vintage Perma-Lift Long-Leg Panty Girdle: New, unworn, and in the box! This gorgeous long-leg panty girdle has a elastic-satin panel that runs down the entire front, through the crotch and up the complete back! WOW! The center front panel has an additional soft, non-stretch panel stitched on the inside giving a fabulous look and firming tummy control. The topstitching adds to the overall beauty of this garment. Made in USA, Front and Back Panels: 58% Rayon, 34% Cotton, 8% Rubber; Side Panels: 79% Rayon, 17% Rubber, 4% Cotton. #3816. Excellent condition;one very light light mark on front panel, so light you can't see it in the picture! Also available without the box.
Sizes: 28, unstretched waist measures 28"
satin panel pantie girdle by perma-lift
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with box
Warner's LeGant Open Bottom Girdle

without box
Warner's LeGant Open Bottom Girdle - without box

Vintage LeGant by Warner's Open Bottom Girdles: These lovely foundation garments are from Warner's and have the "Sta-up-Top" feature. This feature is a 2 1/2" elastic waist with 12 short bones around. Center front panels are a particularly elegant satin with lace overlay adorned with satin bows. Their back have a fabulous satin panel as well. They close on left front with 3 hook/eyes covered with an 8" ribboned zipper. The remainder of the body is powernetting. There are 6 fixed metal/rubber garterclips, the front 2 are ribbon covered. Front length 12 1/2"; Back length 14 1/2"; New, unworn, in excellent condition.
Size:  29, Unstretched waist measure 26" (with box and tags)

Warner's LeGant Open Bottom Girdle
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vintage gossard open bottom girdle


Vintage Open Bottom Girdle by Gossard: Circa 1950 This Gossar-deb girdle is stunning with a body of floral patterned powernetting that is unique. The front and rear both have satin-like panels for extra control. There are 4 fixed, metal garter clips with the front clips covered with 5/8" wide ribbons. The top edge has" picot trimmed elastic and at the center front is a fabulous rosette on a puff of tulle. The bottom edge is a 1" wide open-knit elastic. This great girdle is new, unworn and is in great condition. Labelled: 615, Size Small (25-26), Nylon, Rayon, Cotton. Average Hip; Medium Length; Net & Satin Elastics.
Size: Small, unstretched top edge measures 20"
                   unstretched bottom edge measures 26"
vintage gossard open bottom girdle
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Genuine Vintage Warner's Open Bottom Girdle

"Riddle" A Vintage Open Bottom Girdle by Warner's: Thrill him tonight with this sensuous, curve hugging girdle. "Riddle was the first girdle to get rid of those tell-tale panels but keep the power. There is no bulk, no thickness, no seams to show through your most clinging fashions. Patterned flowers stretch just enough to give you comfort and beautiful molding without sacrificing slimming power. Scientifically applied flocking is soft against the body, won't wash out. You'll love the attractive, new fashion look and feel of Riddle every comfortable minute you wear it."   The Riddle has 4 metal/ rubber garter clips on fixed suspenders with the front two ribbon covered. This garment has the original tag attached. New, unworn and in great condition. Due to this garment being stored in a lingerie storeroom for years a slight discoloration or very light spot may be found. Go ahead, treat yourself or a loved one today!!
SIZE: Small, unstretched waist measures 18"

Genuine Vintage Warner's Open Bottom Girdle
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celebrity long-leg panty girdle

Vintage Celebrity Hi-Waist, Long-leg Pantie Girdle: This vintage Celebrity panty girdle is straight from the designer's table with the tags to prove it! Acquired from a closing manufacturing plant, this girdle is new and unworn. Fabulous firming control with a powernetting body, criss-cross elastic front and vee-shaped elastic back. Inside the long legs hold 4 detachable, metal/rubber garter clips. High waisted with leg edges and top edge of 3/4" picot trimmed elastic adorned center front with a white ribbon / blue rosette. Crotch is nylon. There are a couple of very light spots that should come right out when laundered and certainly wouldn't effect the wearability or beauty of this garment. Labelled: Celebrity, RN 15647, 5182, Size, Fiber Content: 75% Rayon, 16% Spandex, 9 % Nylon, Exclusive of Decoration; Made in the U.S.A.
Size:  The size isn't listed on the tags but we have measured for you
          Unstretched top edge measures approximately 20 "
          Widest part unstretched measures approximately 23"
          Length of center front to top of gusset is 8"
          Entire length of front from top edge to bottom of leg edge is 16"

celebrity long leg pantie girdle
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